Kinesis DXT2 Ergonomic Vertical Mouse (USB Wired) PD7DXT

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  • ERGONOMIC VERTICAL MOUSE: Designed by leading physiotherapists in the UK, the DXT was engineered to promote a neutral, more vertical wrist posture while allowing the hand to work with a light touch fingertip hold providing precision cursor control.
  • RELIABLE USB WIRED CONNECTION: Plug-and-Play for Windows, Mac & Android
  • FINGER TIP GRIP INCREASES PRECISION: Unlike other vertical mice, the DXT 2 is held like a pen in the “precision” grip which engages the small muscles and joints of the fingers as opposed to large muscle groups of the shoulder.
  • IDEAL FOR RIGHT AND LEFT HANDERS: Switch instantly between right and left handed use with the tap of a button. No changes to button-assignments in the operating system are required.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Lightweight design and low-click buttons ensure maximum comfort when mousing.